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My Macintosh 25th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Jobs

It’s so amazing when you look back and think about how innovative Apple has been over the years.  Much of that is credit to the vision and leadership of Steve Jobs. I was an engineering college student when I first noticed a very different type of computer that started showing up in the campus computer labs.  The original Macintosh made […]

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Electronic Drums, Getting Started

I finally took the leap and decided to learn how to play the drums.  After some initial research I decided the best route for me was an electronic drum set.  Everyone agrees nothing beats the true sound of percussion drums.  However, the affordability and flexibility of the electronic drums makes it a great place to start for a beginner like […]

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Stacker, Skill or Slot Machine?

I recently found an interesting arcade game.  It’s called Stacker. It’s one of those “skill” games.  The idea is to stack blocks as they move back and forth across the screen in order to reach the top.  It starts out easy on the lower levels and gets harder as the levels progress. If you make it to the top, you […]

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