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What is Semantic Search and the Knowledge Graph?

How many woodchucks could a woodchuck chuck? Google may soon be able to finally answer that question for you. Google’s reported roll out of semantic search is causing a lot of buzz.  According to a Wall Street Journal report Google will start rolling this technology out over the next few months. But what really is semantic search?  I’ll give a […]

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How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

One of the challenging hurdles I often have with clients and prospects is convincing them that the ROI for content marketing goes far beyond just website traffic.  Many businesses that are starting to explore content marketing for the first time often think of it exclusively as a traffic driving marketing campaign. As such, traffic and page views are seen as […]

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Inside Google’s Quality Standards

One of the biggest clichés on the web is “quality content”. It’s used just as often as there are cat videos on Youtube, which is an interesting correlation.  But what really defines quality content? Rather than state the obvious necessity for quality content, we need to analyze what quality content actually means through the eyes of search engines. This is at […]

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4 Essentials of Marketing Content

Whether you’re writing a blog entry, a branded article, a how-to, or even a PDF it’s essential to ensure that each piece of content you create can deliver your business goals. But what criteria can you apply before you publish to best ensure that the ultimate goal will be achieved? As I thought about this topic, I started putting together […]

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How to Write a Great Web Post – Scannability

Writing for the Web has unique challenges.  In this series of posts you’ll learn the best practices for writing for the Web that can help you better connect with your readers and maximize the effectiveness of your writing A lot has been said about actually having good content.  And to be clear, “content is still king”.  However, having great content […]

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Search Friendly Writing, Get Noticed in 4 Easy Steps

Want to increase your audience reach and generate lots of views?  Why does one post get hundreds or thousands of views and another post does not?  It’s typically not a difference in the content quality or the author’s connections that is the deciding factor, it’s more often the case that one post gets picked up in the search engines and […]

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