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Human brain neurological mapping

Human Brain Emulation And The Path to Artificial Intelligence

The human brain is the most complicated object we know of in the entire universe.  Understanding how the human brain works will likely lead to the most significant advancements in the human race and quite possibly the genesis of a new intelligent species. One of the most promising paths to understand the human brain is via full brain emulation through […]

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The Knowledge Graph: From Search to Answers

Imagine a search engine that doesn’t just find the best web page matching your keywords, but actually answers your question. That’s the future of search and it unlocks the true power of the technology of knowledge graphs. It has the potential to start blending the lines between knowledge and intelligence. Watching IBM’s Watson destroy the competition on Jeopardy was captivating. […]

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What is Semantic Search and the Knowledge Graph?

How many woodchucks could a woodchuck chuck? Google may soon be able to finally answer that question for you. Google’s reported roll out of semantic search is causing a lot of buzz.  According to a Wall Street Journal report Google will start rolling this technology out over the next few months. But what really is semantic search?  I’ll give a […]

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Inside Google’s Quality Standards

One of the biggest clichés on the web is “quality content”. It’s used just as often as there are cat videos on Youtube, which is an interesting correlation.  But what really defines quality content? Rather than state the obvious necessity for quality content, we need to analyze what quality content actually means through the eyes of search engines. This is at […]

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How to Rank a Web Portal, Precision vs. Recall

A web portals single purpose is to organize information.  What differs from portal to portal is how they organize and rank that information. Some web portals seek to organize information into taxonomies or tagging, while others rely on pure search.  Other portals focus on a single verticle of information, like the product search engines such as  However, all portals […]

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