My Macintosh 25th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Jobs

It’s so amazing when you look back and think about how innovative Apple has been over the years.  Much of that is credit to the vision and leadership of Steve Jobs.

I was an engineering college student when I first noticed a very different type of computer that started showing up in the campus computer labs.  The original Macintosh made it’s debut and completely redefined what a computer was.

Almost over night, the crowds at the PC labs on campus started dwindling.  Everyone was flocking to the new Mac labs. The only people at the PC labs were the true geeks like myself. I was skeptical at first.  What was the big deal? I was writing my term papers using Scribe (kind of like an early HTML) on the mainframe and it produced great looking papers. I decided to take a look at these new “Macs”.

What followed was complete awe. I had never seen anything like it. I could point and click, drag and drop, and WYSIWYG! I never used Scribe again (funny but I still spend a ton of my time with HTML). The Macintosh was such an amazing quantum leap and Steve Jobs was the driving factor in bringing about the consumer revolution in computers.

So with all this reminiscing I decided to pull my old Macintosh from storage and fire it up.

Classic macintsh

I have a Macintosh SE with 1 megabyte of Ram and a whopping 20 megabyte hard drive.

Amazingly, it started up without a problem.  It was loaded with Microsoft Works 2.0.

My kids were amazed!  What an interesting little computer with the monitor built in. They couldn’t believe it was not in color.

Of course, it wasn’t long until they found the games. Yes, it had Solitaire.

We also found Missile Command, which I still suck at.

Of course it comes with the Mac Bag too. A nice little carrying case..

Yes, this puppy was portable! I think it weighs in at about 25 lbs.

In many ways it took technology to catch up with Steve’s vision. I’m just glad he had the dream and I love my Mac! Thank you Steve Job!



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  1. Monica December 20, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    This is hilarious John! I can’t believe you still have that computer, and have carted it all over the place with you.

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